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My name is Kami. If you are anything like me you have tried over and over again to create a healthful life but have continually found yourself hitting a wall—or worse yet, getting thrown backwards, far past where you started.  

I tried SO MANY times and I started to feel like a sustainable, healthy lifestyle was only for those who had more time, more money, or better genes. My situation felt hopeless . . . but I wasn't ready to give up on myself.

What I found improved the quality of my life without requiring huge changes. It is affordable, convenient, and attainable for all. I am here to show you how I did it and how you can too.

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transform & Thrive

everything is connected


Too often people talk about nutrition like it is a chore. But what I learned is that nourishing your body is actually a helpful tool and it is really simple to use! 


Tend to your mind as you tend to a garden. Remove the weeds and nurture what gives life. Encourage growth and cultivate the joy that you want in life. 


When you nourish your body and mind, you empower yourself to live a better quality of life. Too many are suffering needlessly. It's time to make a change.

"the quality of
life we live depends
on the
of the
we eat"

"the work

we do on


becomes our

gift to everyone else"

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