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I grew up in a much less "PC" environment than we have today. So, being the "fat" girl wasn't a taboo term. 

But here is the thing. I have been overweight since the 2nd or 3rd grade. I remember because it was after my grandmother died that I started to gain weight . . . this created a struggle for me. I wanted to do so much, but my weight held me back. It held me back mentally and it held me back physically.

This continued for years. But at 42, I finally found the thing that transformed my health—physically, mentally, emotionally, everything. I found true nourishment. 

Yes, part of this had to do with what I was eating, but all of it centered around this idea of exploring who I actually was. Exploring my life as it was and as it could be. 

The more I explored and investigated the more I learned how much power I had over my circumstances. I realized that I was in control of things and that I had the choice to either make things miserable or make things magnificent. 

I couldn't believe that it was so simple (admittedly not always easy to do) that I felt moved to share with others, to help them explore their lives and feel the freedom that this empowerment brings about.

No health journey is linear. Just like an epic travel, there are ups and downs, but you can choose to either be in joy or be in misery, I sincerely hope that you choose joy and I would love to be invited along on your journey. 


I was always the "fat" girl.

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